Our Packages

We at Take2Design like to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible. Instead of charging for every head swap, blemish, or any other fix that could incur per photo, we offer 1 convenient flat-priced packages: Complete Retouch, Complete Plus and Special Services. This allows for a quick and easy upload system, as well as providing clients knowledge on what services are included and what to expect at billing.

Services we provide !

Starting from basic retouching, acne and blemishes retouching and skin highlighting, stray hair
Removal with color enhancement to be done in your Photo, or even body and face photo slimming and Age reduction look with removing wrinkles, resizing And reshaping lips, adding and removing people. Adding / enhancing eyebrows and eyelashes to make A glamour with make up retouching Ending with glitz pageant retouching and models High end retouch or old photo restoration Photo fixing, and any type of photo editing needed.